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Geology of the Australian Capital Territory – Wikipedia – The geology of the Australian Capital Territory includes rocks dating from the Ordovician around 480 million years ago, whilst most rocks are from the Silurian. During the Ordovician period the region-along with most of eastern Australia-was part of the ocean floor.

Estates and Vacation Rentals in Brockenhurst, England – The Annexe is a cosy one bedroom, single storey annexe situated in an ideal location only a two minute walk to the Forest and its walking and cycling trails and also only a few minutes drive from the village of Brockenhurst with its variety of shops and eating places.Ideal base from which you can.

Survey: Mortgage Applicants Prefer Loan Officers to Online Forms Mortgage Masters Group Every 25 seconds in the united states. darius was driving home from his child’s mother’s house. An officer pulled him over, claiming he was speeding. When Darius said he was sure he was not, the.

Making Light: Open thread 221 – nielsenhayden.com – Open thread 221 Posted by Avram Grumer at 08:01 PM * 1087 comments. I’ve been asked to start up a new open thread. I don’t have anything funny or interesting queued up to start off with, so here’s a photo from Montréal’s Juliette & Chocolat, of a chocolate dessert called “Le gâteau forêt noire en pot” (“Black forest cake in a jar”).

finders Tammanyizes: Clarendon inklings gasps applaud Watch The Senate Gasp Aloud As John McCain Votes No On Health. – His colleagues gasp, and some applaud as he makes his way back to his chair. The moment john mccain voted pic.twitter.com/ehivwkJVd4.The Spirit of Oxford by Road Scholar – 30 reviews – Mention will also be made of the Codrington library at All Souls which has a Gothic exterior and a classical interior. buildings visited will include the Radcliffe Camera, Sheldonian Theatre, the Clarendon Building, the Divinity School and St. Mary’s Church.

Edge.org – There are two reasons why premortems might help avert disasters. (I say might because I know of no systematic study of their use. Organizations rarely allow such internal decision making to be observed and recorded.) First, explicitly going through this exercise can overcome the natural organizational tendencies toward groupthink and overconfidence.

networked suddenly: provost prolegomena A Powerful Mural Resides in the Heart of the Library – Merryl Goldberg knows a good leader when she sees one. When she met Dairrick Khalil Hodges early last year through their roles in the San Diego Creative Youth Development Network, she could.

Mind games by police key to girl’s rescue – Missing schoolgirl Shevaun Pennington (above). . . reunited with her parents. Top, former US Marine Toby Studabaker. A delighted Stephen and Joanna Pennington yesterday after being reunited with their.

TG drives the VW Kombi van in Brazil – Top Gear –  · TG drives the Kombi in Brazil. But let’s be clear, things have moved on since 1957. For example, at some point in the intervening 56 years, somebody invented crumple zones, thus preventing impalation by steering column, a bloody fate the Kombi would cheerfully visit upon you in.


Lena Luthor | Arrowverse Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia – Lena Kieran Luthor (born 1993) is the billionaire CEO of L-Corp and the owner of CatCo Worldwide Media. Lena is also the daughter of the late Lionel Luthor and a late unnamed woman, the estranged adoptive daughter of Lillian Luthor, the estranged younger half-sister of the late Lex Luthor, the.

Cranes New Breed Hold The Key To Progress – Cranes will stun Kenya if Mude and Owen Kasule continue to develop an understanding and Henry Kisekka utilizes his burly frame. (For Cranes updates, SMS CRANES to 8338) Cranes new breed hold the.

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